10 reasons why you shouldn't come to WOMAI

10 reasons why you shouldn't come to WOMAI

1.Complete boredom.

Are you looking for a good time? Unfortunately, as it turns out WOMAI is the worst idea... here you will definitely not have a good time, the place itself is outstandingly uninteresting. It lacks interactive exhibitions, and the guides do not at all tell stories with passion and commitment.

Kompletna nuda

2. You will not deepen your scientific knowledge.

The exhibition , "Into the light" with science has absolutely nothing to do with science. Luminescence, coloured shadows, RGB colours, ultraviolet light, laser embroidery... but no, in WOMAI you will definitely not develop the topics.

Nie pogłębisz wiedzy naukowej.

3. It won't move you by the heart.

Blind guides at the exhibition , "Into the darkness" will not give you their valuable knowledge about their lives. They will guide you through their land in an uninteresting way. After all, being in total darkness, where you can see absolutely nothing and are guided by sounds imitating real-life situations, while solving various tasks along the way... no no no, it can't be interesting.

Nie poruszy Cię za serce

4. Lack of individual approach to visitors.

The guides do not integrate with the group, and the group is absolutely never involved in the tour.

Brak indywidualnego podejścia do zwiedzających

5. Families will not have a good time.

Families will not have a memorable time together in WOMAI.

Rodziny nie będą się dobrze bawić

6. Not suitable for children.

The exhibition , "Into the light" will not interest the youngest.

Nieodpowiednie dla dzieci.

7. Couples are not welcome.

Dating in the dark is not an interesting alternative for couples. Would you like to make an announcement in WOMAI? Oh no, that never happens.

Pary nie są mile widziane

8. Guests leave unsatisfied.

Looking at the content of most reviews, the place does not delight visitors. They are reluctant to share their thoughts with us especially about the exhibition , "Into the light".

Goście wychodzą niezadowoleni

9. Poor offer for schools.

Organised groups cannot enjoy a wide selection of attractions. Sensory workshops, the exhibition , "Into the light", the exhibition , "Into the darkness", which additionally includes the opportunity to learn the secrets of Braille and have the opportunity to listen to an inspiring lecture ... teachers have nothing to choose from.

Uboga oferta dla szkół

10. Lack of inspiration.

The name of the Center (WOMAI - World of my all inspirations) does not reflect the actual nature of the place. You will leave the exhibitions highly uninspired.

Brak inspiracji
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