Mikołaj Kopernik

The man who stopped the sun 19.02.24

Do you know who is the most renowned Polish astronomer who halted the Sun and set the Earth in motion? It was Nicolaus Copernicus!

Who is he? He is an astronomer, the architect of the heliocentric theory, a canon, a lawyer, a mathematician, a doctor, an economist, a strategist, a cartographer and a philologist. He is a man who revolutionised science and the popular perception of the universe. He lived between 1473 and 1543.

Very soon, on 19 February, we shall celebrate the 551st anniversary of his birth, as well as the Day of Polish Science. Is this a coincidence? No! In 2020, Poland designated 19 February as the Day of Polish Science in recognition of Nicolaus Copernicus' exceptional contributions to astronomy. This day is intended to inspire individuals to emulate Polish researchers and bolster their interest in science.

You are cordially invited to Nicolaus Copernicus' Birthday party on this day, which will be hosted at the WOMAI Centre for Science and Senses. Join us at the interactive exhibition "Into the Light" and discover fascinating facts about the Polish astronomer. And all this with family or friends, blending science with enjoyment and creating unforgettable experiences! Tickets are available for purchase through our website, but remember - spaces are limited.

Author: Agata

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