We have good news! Soon, on 8 September, we will be celebrating Good News Day.

The holiday was invented and established in 2001 in Poland by the literary and cultural Salon 101 run by Małgorzata Bocheńska. The aim set by the creators of this day is to draw media attention to the negative images of a bad world and people that emerge from television and newspapers. This day is meant to remind us that in the world, apart from the dramas, there are also good things that we should share. In addition, this holiday is meant to teach kindness in relationships with others and to look at life more optimistically.

We would like to celebrate this positive holiday with you at the WOMAI Center for Science and Senses. To celebrate Good News Day, we have a gift for you! From 8-10 September, you will receive a 20% discount when you buy tickets for the interactive exhibition of your choice. You have a choice of two exhibitions "Into the light" and "Into the darkness". Tickets for purchase are available via our website, but remember - places are limited.

You are warmly welcome!

Author: Agata

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