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Who can we take to WOMAI?

WOMAI's attractions will interest everyone, regardless of age and interests. WOMAI is suitable for a visit with children, partner, family, including the elderly and disabled. It is a great place for organized groups, also ideal for an unusual date or an unforgettable trip. It also doesn't hurt to come here alone to experience the sensual experience in WOMAI in peace. First of all, people who want to look at the world from a different perspective are welcome. Choosing the path "Into the darkness" we feel firsthand what the reality of the blind looks like. Artists and designers looking for ways to improve the accessibility of people with disabilities will get inspiring ideas, families with children will develop sensitivity to the needs of the blind.

Can anything be learned in WOMAI?

WOMAI is not a museum in the standard sense of the word. The visual and aesthetic advantages of this place are accompanied by scientific and educational values. The exhibitions are based on phenomena known from the fields of chemistry, physics, biology, illusionist art and cognitive science. Outstanding scientists working in the areas of exact sciences are waiting for you on site, who will pass on the secrets of the exhibits in an accessible way, adjusting the level to each recipient. You will also meet blind people who talk about their lives with passion and commitment. These are exceptional people who, despite their disability, show that it is possible to achieve the goals they set, and the barriers are only in our heads. Guests also develop the ability to interact socially, to perceive the needs of other people. They learn how to help blind people, what to pay attention to and what to avoid. This is a great way to develop empathy and expand sensitivity.

How long does it take to visit the WOMAI attractions?

The exhibition “Into the light” takes around 1.5 hours while “Into the darkness” 1 hour. People willing to spend more time in WOMAI, are recommended to use the relaxation area at the reception, including water and snacks, a store where you can buy souvenirs, interactive toys, gadgets, educational materials and accessories for experiments.

Do we come to WOMAI only once?

WOMAI is a place of constant innovation and development. WOMAI exhibitions are permanent, but the objects are constantly improved and new ideas are brought to life from time to time. This applies to both the exhibition "Into the light" and "Into the darkness". However, WOMAI has much more to offer. Special events, including sensory workshops for children, team building activities for employee groups or an online dark tour: "development in the darkness".

Is WOMAI a suitable place for small children?

If you wonder what to do with kids in Cracow, we assure you that WOMAI is the perfect place to visit with children. Interactive attractions will provide fun, help develop motor, manual and artistic skills, sensory integration and sensitivity to music and sounds. They have an educational function, they can be the first contact with science in an accessible form for children, that will stimulate their curiosity of the world. Children can enter “Into the darkness” from the age of 9 and youngest children only with the consent of the parents and on their responsibility.

Does visiting WOMAI require scientific knowledge?

The exhibitions are created based on phenomena known from the fields of chemistry, physics, biology, cognitive science, but getting joy from them does not require a specialist knowledge. Outstanding scientists await you there, working in the areas of exact sciences, who in an accessible way convey the secrets of exhibits, adjusting the level to each recipient. Artists, designers who appreciate the art and aesthetic qualities of WOMAI will also find inspiration here.      

How can I buy a ticket to WOMAI?

Tickets can be purchased online via the website in the BUY TICKET tab or in person in WOMAI at Pawia 34 in Krakow. However, it is most convenient to buy them online in order to be sure of booking the date.

Are there discount ticket prices at WOMAI?

Children up to 18 years of age and students can take advantage of reduced tickets. Disabled people and their carers can also take advantage of the discount. Occasionally, additional discounts and promotions are also implemented, which can be found on our Facebook profile or on the website

Will people with disabilities find themselves in WOMAI?

In WOMAI, we focus on social integration, because we work with blind people on a daily basis. We believe that everyone can enjoy science, illusion and art regardless of physical limits. We have attractions and conditions adapted to the needs of the disabled. There are elevators in the building, which can be used after prior inquiries from the Center's employees. We want to reach everyone with a scientific message, as well as make able-bodied people aware of the life and functioning of people with disabilities.

Can I buy souvenirs at WOMAI?

There is a souvenir and gadget shop in WOMAI. There you can buy toys and educational materials, accessories that affect the senses, touch, hearing, eyesight, making fun and learning with the use of light and sound more attractive. In the WOMAI store you will also find gadgets, such as with funny prints, with a scientific and inspiring message.

Can belongings be safely kept in WOMAI?

In WOMAI there is a luggage deposit available to museum guests. The WOMAI Museum is located in the very center of Krakow, 2 minutes from the Main Railway Station and Galeria Krakowska. We offer lockers with locks. We offer lockers, which are monitored by cameras. Cameras are installed throughout the WOMAI seat.

What if we want to visit WOMAI with a larger group?

Large organized groups are welcome at WOMAI. In case of plans to go to WOMAI with a larger group of people, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

What kind of exhibitions can we expect in WOMAI?

One of the experiences we propose is visiting the exhibition "Into the darkness" where you have the opportunity to "cut off" the sense of sight and focus on the sensations coming from the other senses, such as touch, hearing and smell. Thanks to this, you can feel the perception of blind people and feel integrated with them. In a room of a million lights, you can experience the infinite of visual impressions, calm down in an endless space of peace or, on the contrary, to the rhythm of energetic music, experiment "on your own skin" with an endless exhibition. In another room, we propose a synaesthesia of the hearing and sight senses, where you can influence the sound and colour simultaneously with the help of body movements.

Is it possible to do a photo session in WOMAI?

All the people interested in making a photo session in WOMAI are welcome to contact us. Rooms with lights, mirrors and the impression of infinity and other visual effects are a great background for effective shoots. We invite couples, brides, honeymooners, families and models to capture beautiful moments in WOMAI and take spectacular photos.

What does the name WOMAI mean?

WOMAI is an abbreviation of the first letters of the English sentence: world of my all inspirations. WOMAI is the world of all your inspirations. It's a place where you can research, discover, improve and have fun. We believe that diversity is synonymous with inclusion or inclusion. Younger or older, children or adults, able-bodied or disabled - we are all equal.

Can you experience art in WOMAI?

WOMAI is not a museum in the standard sense of the word. The visual and aesthetic assets of this place are accompanied by scientific and educational values. The exhibitions are created based on phenomena known in the fields of chemistry, physics, biology, illusionist art and cognitive science. We do our best to ensure that all exhibits are presented in a beautiful, visually stunning way. Thus, WOMAI combines science and art into one integral artistic body.

What can you experience at WOMAI?

To sum up. WOMAI is a place where education reigns, presented in an unusual, artistic and entertaining way. It is a place to develop curiosity about the world and creativity, so you can come here both with children and alone, for an unusual date and for team building with work. A teenager who loves experiments and curiosities will find something for himself here, someone who is looking for a new attraction for children in Krakow, as well as a more respected researcher who still has the soul of a child in him. Our goal is to amaze and interest what we try to get through all our senses, harnessing to this purpose sciences such as chemistry or physics, as well as illusion and art.

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