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Into the darkness

Join the world of the senses, a virtual trip into the nooks and crannies of the darkness.

This exciting adventure is a one-of-a-kind offer not
only for individuals but also for companies and for larger groups.
Guided tours are possible both in Polish and

If you want to supprise someone with a special
gift, the Krakow Center for Education and Experience has in its offer
vouchers at promotional prices, they are available until the end
January and their validity lasts until the end of 2021.

If you have any questions, feel free to write to the e-mail address: womai.krakow@gmail.com.

meeting time: 60 minutes
Number of people: unlimited
Meeting platform: ZOOM

I thank WOMAI from the bottom of my heart for this unforgettable adventure!

The door to the extraordinary world of senses opens before us – a fascinating world that at the same time arouses anxiety. Seemingly nothing extraordinary: we hear sounds, we smell smells, we touch objects and yet we stand from the very beginning lost, full of uncertainty. The reason seems to be trivial (but is it really…), it is only the lack of sight. In this unusual space devoid of any source of light can we only be guided by the voice of a blind person. It is her world now.

It’s definitely worth going there, especially since this amazing journey is close at hand. We can take part in it without leaving home.

In a fraction of a second the light goes out and we are deprived of one of the most important senses necessary for functioning in everyday life – sight. Behind the blindfold, we become equal to blind people, and all that goes with it, we finally have the same chances of overcoming all kinds of difficulties. In a moment we’ll find out what it’s like to move in total darkness with help from our other senses. 

WOMAI, the Center for Education and Experience in Cracow invites you and your colleagues or friends to participate in this extraordinary life changing experiment.


Why this journey? 

First of all, showing the world from a different perspective. What we will experience there and what emotions we experience are completely individual. Probably some will change their perception of the blind person, perhaps others will discover undiscovered resources in the other senses. 

Well, one thing is for sure, everyone who starts this the journey will end it with new experiences.


So, let’s start our virtual journey, blindfolded and awaiting the voice of our guide. Suddenly you will hear speeding cars and trucks and sometimes they honk and it would seem they pass right in front of our noses. Gentle knocking sounds alternating faster and slower right beside us. We have no doubt that without this announcement and any warning we would find ourselves on the street, more specifically in front of a pedestrian crossing. We await the sign indicating that it is safe to go to the other side, maybe we should ask for help? But is anyone standing next to me? Are we all alone here?

As sighted people having never experienced anything like these dilemmas, we find it hard to believe that just crossing the road can be a real challenge without sight. It’s time to ask for help. Fortunately, friendly guides will save us from a disaster. Kasia, a visually impaired person, comes quickly to help us. 

This pleasant and outspoken guide will accompany us and make sure that the first stage of the journey, crossing the street, continues unhindered.

Other challenges lay ahead. Kasia invites us to her home, describing it exactly. We listen carefully, trying to remember the details, to take later, based on this description a piece of paper and a pen and draw these on paper. The request seems to be easy, but not until after the blindfold is removed does the difficulty of the challenge appear. Remember that the chimney is usually located on the roof, not on the lawn … the handle is usually placed on the door, although of no use when you accidentally place it on the wall. Flowers levitating in the air or in the windows of the house should not surprise us either. It’s easy to imagine how to do all this but harder to draw it correctly positioned, especially when we have no eyesight. However, we must admire the effects of our work to wait a bit. We will show off the drawings only after removing our blindfolds.

After this difficult feat, it’s time for a glass of water. However, to quench my thirst, I have to pour water into a glass first. It seems as though gazing into a crooked mirror because even the simplest task is too big for me, it takes way too long. How do I guess the glass is full? Be careful when pouring it could be too much, and tipping it out without seeing it at all won’t be any easier. Kasia asks us to choose the correct spices from the basket, but how to without sight? To distinguish salt from pepper, thyme from oregano? Is my sense of smell sensitive enough to assist, will be able to complete this task?

Dividing the rice in half demands exceptional focus. I am rummaging around in both cups, to see if they contain roughly the same amount of grains. It turns out that my wardrobe is also full surprises. I never thought about matching two socks into pairs could be so demanding.

A decade ago, blind people had limited opportunities to move freely inside and outside the home. Today their everyday life is facilitated by creative inventions and usually very easy and quick to develop this technology. It is thanks to these devices that dealing with everyday activities has become simpler: checking that the glass is completely filled with fluid, do your makeup, or even read what

can be found on store labels of products. The most important, however, as it turns out is their own creativity and ingenuity, with joy that can be shared with others. 

The unchanging attribute of a blind person is the white cane, but today very often supported by modern technology. This essential item makes it easier for blind people to move around the city or crossing the street.


During the tour, the guides can be asked all sorts of things, questions ranging from the obvious to the more embarrassing or uncomfortable. Blind people generally wish to share their thoughts and interests not keeping anything a secret and they will happily tell you about how the world looks from their perspective. They also want to understand our views and images of a blind person who are normally quite motivated, full of passion, and each has their own interests playing sports, interested in history, psychology, technology, their knowledge of foreign languages, and their guiding style telling about oneself testifies a high level of culture and intelligence. It is also impossible to deny them a sense of humor, Piotr, a blind guide, when asked if he would like to drive a car, replied with a smile: „of course, I don’t see any obstacles.” Paradoxically, their joy of life prompts us to reflect, what can be more appealing to our ego than seeing a person blind, overcoming all barriers and enjoying life in handfuls.

During your virtual journey into the dark, we may ask the guides how we can help them on a daily basis, what to avoid and what misassumptions to avoid. What does the phrase actually mean to lend your eyes to a blind person? They are also fascinating stories about the dreams from people who have once lost their eyesight and those who have never seen the world around us. How do they dream and what do they see in their imagination, similar to we who see?

We encourage participants to ask these and many other questions on the virtual journey through the exhibitions „towards the dark” and will find during the unforgettable travel to the inaccessible world. Cover your eyes hear, feel, let yourself be guided, but most of all have fun!

This exciting adventure is a one-of-a-kind offer not only for individuals, also for companies and for larger groups. Guided tours are possible both in Polish and English. Also, if you want to make someone a special gift, the Cracow Center for Education and Experience has in its offer vouchers at promotional prices, that are available until the end January validity until the end of 2021. 

All enquires to e-mail address: womai.krakow@gmail.com.

WOMAI thank from the bottom of their heart for this unforgettable adventure!

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