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This winter holidays! Experimental demonstrations for the whole family!

Understand chemistry and physics without opening a textbook? Find out how to perform spectacular experiments that bring us closer to the world around us? This is possible during science experiment shows!

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The winter holidays are getting closer and closer, so to make the most of your free time, think of an unusual activity that will provide both entertainment and an educational dimension.

For a fortnight, on selected days, WOMAI the Centre of Science and Senses will be organising scientific experiments for the whole family. They will be led by a scientist guide who will explain the extraordinary phenomena of nature in a surprising and unexpected way. We guarantee that the experiments will inspire your child to discover the secrets of the world on their own.

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What awaits you?

Playing with fire (under safe and controlled conditions, of course): Is it possible to set fire to a hand without it burning? You will also be able to play with pressure and the force of the atmosphere. And... how to see the invisible, i.e. the unusual phenomenon of a burst balloon.

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Let yourself be immersed in the world of experiments! You can ask for details by email, telephone or directly at the Centre. We look forward to seeing you!

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