Winning the title of winner in the Icebreakers competition is the culmination of the work of the entire team of WOMAI the Center of Science and Senses. Third place in the Open Market category in the 18th edition of the competition is an extraordinary honour for employees and a huge success for the Center. 

What is the goal of the competition? The emphasis is on promoting the overcoming of stereotypes and prejudices related to the employment of people with disabilities and their integration into the rest of society. After all, everyone should have an equal chance to participate fully in society, and encouraging the creation of new jobs for people with disabilities and raising the standard of existing positions is key.

If we want to create an environment where no one feels excluded, regardless of their nature, talking loudly about equality is essential. This is exactly what is happening in WOMAI, where inclusion and diversity appear as the main slogan, proudly promoted by, among others, the blind people employed in the Center: Paul, Peter, Jack, Krzysztof, Simon, Sylvia, Iza, Konrad and Patricia. We sincerely thank you for being with us!

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