The brain - full of mystery, unique, complex, despite occupying just over a litre of cranial volume. This perfect command centre of the human body is responsible for the proper functioning of all organs. Thanks to it, we see, hear, feel, collect and process information.

Have you ever wondered how the human brain is structured? Is the female brain different from the male brain? How many thoughts do we have a day?

We are happy to answer questions and provide more interesting facts about the brain. You are cordially invited to celebrate BRAIN MONTH with Center of Science and Senses WOMAI, as well as European Brain Day on 18 March. The aim of the holiday, which has been celebrated since 1998, is to promote knowledge about the functioning of our brain, to remind us about preventive examinations of the nervous system and how to take proper care of our brains.

On Brain Day, you will receive a special 20% discount on a selected interactive exhibition, and we will be solving logic puzzles to take care of proper brain activity. And all this with family or friends, combining learning with fun and experiencing unforgettable things! To take advantage of the discount, all you have to do is buy a discounted ticket at , and before visiting show your ticket and mention the discount password MÓZG1.

Throughout March, you will find cards with scientific curiosities about the brain at WOMAI. In addition, a new post with a dose of brain knowledge will appear every Monday this month on Facebook in the event "BRAIN MONTH AT WOMAI", Instagram and Google. We warmly invite you to join WOMAI and follow our social media profiles!

Author: Agata

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