muzeum of light

The Garden of Experiences!

How can a little piece of imagination make seemingly ordinary things magical?

The recipe for magic is surprisingly simple, although sometimes the solution we are looking for seems too complicated. But what would happen if we turned a mirror into… glasses? Then put them on your nose and go ... to the garden of light experiences!

We can find it in WOMAI, the Center of Science and Senses in the exhibition "Into the light", where you can experience true magic.

By wearing mirror glasses we will enter the garden of light, fantastic objects stimulated to shine thanks to the phenomenon of fluorescence, which is an example of luminescence, colloquially called cold lighting. Walking in the garden, we get the impression that we are on the ceiling.

You can let your imagination run wild during a walk. The meteorites we see are rushing towards the Earth! 

Will we recognize it among other planets? Nearby, light forms a spiral around the black hole. We are tickled on the head by laces lost by accident. And suddenly we fall into a floral paradise, where the whole world turns upside down: birds flew out of their nests, green ivy twists in the air, and butterflies show off their large wings.

The light garden in WOMAI will allow us to experience the world from a different perspective. If you have the courage to turn your world upside down, drop by the light exhibition in WOMAI.

Author - Gosia Photographer - Womai

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