Family trip to Krakow

Family Trip With Children To Krakow?

A family trip to Krakow? An excellent idea! Once the destination has been chosen, the next question is: which attractions to choose for the children? What to do in Krakow when it's raining? Which places to go to experience something unusual?

What to do with your child in Krakow - a few tips for a successful trip in spite of the rain

We can always go to a water park or a cinema, entertainment spots which are sheltered and where the weather doesn't really matter. In such places, time passes quickly on attractions of all kinds. Shopping in shopping malls. They offer more and more entertainment services such as the Kulkowo playground.

However, there is another very interesting place which has recently appeared on the map of Krakow and which should interest every toddler - the Center for Science and Senses WOMAI.

Two extraordinary exhibitions to stimulate the senses

A museum unlike any other that allows both adults and children to experience different sensory experiences. The WOMAI Centre was created to gain new experiences, interact with science and absorb new information through play. It is an amazing combination of entertainment, art, but also learning.

Explore the world of the blind

WOMAI is an interactive museum that is divided into two completely different exhibitions. The first: "Into the darkness" consists of an unusual tour of the world of the blind. In complete darkness, visitors have to sharpen their other senses. This allows us to become a blind person for a moment and see the world through their eyes. An extensive soundtrack allows us to empathise with everyday life. 

Experience the amazing world of science

After walking through the labyrinth of darkness, the second exhibition "Into the light" shows that science does not have to be boring! Various experiments performed under the guidance of a guide-scientist allow visitors to discover the magic of the world around us. We catch our shadow in place and show that a shadow can be colourful. We will make an interactive hypsometric map with our own hands. A family outing to Krakow?

When, how and where?

The centre is located at 34 Pawia Street in Krakow. Opening hours as well as a ticket purchase system can be found at .

Both children and adults are invited to visit the Centre. The light exhibition is suitable for ages 6 and up, while there are special dates for younger children at specific times, also included on the website. The dark exhibition, on the other hand, is accessible from the age of nine. You can come to the museum with an organised group, but individual tourists are also welcome.

WOMAI is definitely an ideal option for families, not only for rainy days.

Author – Womai team

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