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Into the darkness online

The online journey Into the darkness is a perfect way to broaden your horizons and to allow you to have a look at our world from a different perspective – from the perspective of a blind person.

About the events

This virtual meeting contains some elements of our exhibition " Into the darkness " which can be visited on a daily basis in our centre. It is led by a blind person who also acts as your guide. Hence, they bring participants closer to their world by talking to them and encouraging them to pose questions.

During the meeting our guests have their eyes covered and attempt different challenges, in order to explore the world of the blind. The extraordinary realism of the situation is ensured by a highly advanced sound system that accompanies our guests throughout the journey.

What is the point?

This astonishing journey is a great opportunity to integrate employees and to strengthen relationships between them, by breaking the habit of everyday routine and giving them the chance to experience something unusual. Such a meeting will open your company to new experiences and will build the brand’s position among new customers which would result in introducing employees to new career paths.

This virtual journey will teach you how to adapt your product to the needs of a group of disabled people. Before the meeting, every participant is asked to prepare some objects described in instruction. We use these objects every day, so you should not have any problem gathering them.

Number of participants during the meeting:

  • in Polish is unlimited
  • in English maximum 150 people
  • in Spanish maximum 50 people
  • in French maximum 50 people
  • Duration: 1,5 hours
  • There is a possibility of issuing VAT invoices

Specialized workshops

On special request, we organise for you specialised training and workshops in the field of accessibility. The classes are conducted by specialists in their fields, blind people who are passionate and committed to sharing their experience with a wider audience. Workshops consist of a visit to the exhibition "Into the darkness", where guests experience first-hand situations from everyday life from the perspective of a visually impaired person. In addition, participants take part in a specialised lecture, the topics of which are adapted to individual needs.

The benefits of participating in an online journey include broadening the social interests of employees and integrating the team, while showing the company in question as a comprehensively developing brand, open to social needs. The unconventional personalities of our guides become an inspiration to find avant-garde ways to create a company's image. Practical knowledge acquired at the exhibition will expand the knowledge of accessibility.

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