The hearts of WOMAI, or competition for the Bernadka Footbridge

What is it about them that every visitor, after visiting the exhibition, runs to the reception desk to get at least one? Why are the walls swarming with them? Nobody passes by indifferently. Some, returning to us, look for their name, which they once put on them. What are we talking about?

It's about the hearts of WOMAI! After the tour, guests sign them with their names and then place them on the wall already filled with hearts. How many are there? Hundreds? Thousands? Their number grows with the number of our wonderful guests who visit WOMAI. Thus, they show their sympathy for this place and how much they enjoyed visiting it.

We also have a heart for passers-by! It is huge, right in front of the Center. Anyone can throw bottle caps into it, thus supporting the Hospice of Saint Lazarus. Support them and you! As you pass WOMAI, throw in a nut and share your heart with others.

Come to WOMAI, visit the exhibition "Into the light" or "Into the dark", leave your heart with your name on our memorial wall. Then come back and try to find them ...


Author - Gosia | Photographer - Womai

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