Marco Polo's Birthday

Marco Polo's Birthday 15.09.23

"I didn't even tell half of what I saw, because no one would have believed me anyway". Do you know who said these words? You probably already know because you read the headline of the article. It is a quote by Marco Polo. Do you know who that is?

Marco Polo is one of the most famous Europeans who travelled to Asia along the Silk Road in the Middle Ages. He is an Italian traveller, Venetian merchant, writer and explorer who even children know. His achievements were only recognised after his death, as many people considered him a storyteller and his tales fantastic.

Do you know how long Marco Polo was on the road? Have you ever read his books?

If the answer to the questions is NO, we would love to tell you more about Marco Polo. We will soon be celebrating the anniversary of his birth on 15 September.

You are cordially invited to Marco Polo's birthday party, which will take place on 15-17 September at the WOMAI Center for Science and Senses. Not only will you have the opportunity to visit two wonderful interactive exhibitions, but also to spin a wheel of fortune specially prepared for you! You will learn interesting facts about Marco Polo and have the chance to win extraordinary gifts. And all this with family or friends, combining learning with fun and experiencing unforgettable things! Tickets for purchase are available through our website, but remember - places are limited.

Author: Agata

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