Exhibition ”Into the light”

The “Into the Light” exhibition is a journey into the extraordinary world of science, where we will try to explore the secrets of everything that surrounds us in an interactive way. The bright path will provide us with unforgettable entertainment, and at the same time will stimulate our curiosity and broaden our knowledge.

About the exhibition

The exhibition represents a collection of scientific experiments of all sorts thanks to which we will find out what rules govern the universe. Can the sound have its own shape? What is the colour of the shadow? How can we turn the word upside down with glasses which just seem to be usual? We will try to find correct answers to those and much more questions that bothers us in the light part of our centre. We will also try to create the word with our hands and using magical sand that changes the colours we will be able to make mountains, rivers, valleys… who knows, maybe we will cause volcano eruption as well?

What is the point?

With inspiring, authentic objects, interesting stories from every period and practical training our centre celebrates the past, present, and future of science and technological achievement. We aim to inspire future generations to think out of the box and to teach, especially young people, why we should love science. Participants have a unique occasion to create hypsometric maps, take a trip to Mars with Elon Musk, release your body from the shadow or perform experiments with sound and light. We offer to you an alternative form of education which bases primarily on having fun but also on individual approach to our visitors. We try to make it visible at every step but are we effective in what we are doing? You will answer this question on your own, by visiting our great place.

Visitors are accompanied throughout the journey by a guide who is happy to explain all the issues and answer questions with pleasure. 

Duration: 1,5 hours.

Entrances only at specific hours which you can find in the section “Buy ticket”.

Author - Gosia | Photographer - Womai

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