Esposizione Verso la luce

Scopri la passione per la scienza e lasciati incantare dei misteri del mondo attorno a te all’esposizione interattivo Verso la luce.

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Le luci si spengono, usa solo i tuoi 4 sensi, esplora il mondo con l'aiuto di una guida cieca

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Laboratori sensoriali per gruppi organizzati.

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offerte allettanti per le aziende

lezioni stimolanti, visite guidate online, team building

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Offerta per le scolaresche

Visitare in gruppo


Visitare in lingua straniera

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Opinioni di nostri visitator

  • star rating  This has been an amazing experience! I was a bit afraid in the beginning, but Pawel has been there to guide us for the entire tour, always so reassuring and... read more

    avatar thumb Cristina_d13579

    star rating  Very nice place to visit in Kraków.
    We had great time . Visited with son 7 years old.
    We took 2 parts at once as it was more... read more

    avatar thumb 504mariuszn

    star rating  We (three generations, grandma with 2 daughters and 9 year old grandchild) went to Womai yesterday (Sun, 5th Feb 2023) for "Into the darkness" exhibition. Shy of one hour in... read more

    avatar thumb 849gabiw

    star rating  That was one one the most instresting expiriences which I had a oportunity to go through i Kraków, we think we are able to imagine some things,but we are wrong.... read more

    avatar thumb Viktorlodz
  • star rating  We spent over an hour with Pawel, a guide there, among complete darkness, trying to have a glimpse of a blind person experience. Pawel was eager to answers our questions;... read more

    avatar thumb kmce1234

    star rating  Very nice experience, we learned a lot about how to live without sight . 100% recommended. Our guide spoke a lot of languages, including Spanish, which was very welcoming to us

    avatar thumb Antoni M

    star rating  Very interesting exhibitions - one that is meant to let us experience the world of blind people (understand how they manage and adapt to everyday life) where all of the... read more

    avatar thumb ninakarkowska

    star rating  I was there with my boyfriend, and it was absolutely amazing and mind blowing. Paweł was super nice to us, answered all of our questions and showed how it is... read more

    avatar thumb Y2603CTjadec
  • star rating  I’ve been in the darkness with my family. It was really important experience for us. The blind people are really happy souls, we admire them and their life. We recommend... read more

    avatar thumb 787olaw

    star rating  I've been in WOMAI with my friends, we've seen both of their exhibitions. "Into the Darkness" is a great experience which change perspective on certain things. It's must-see among Krakow's... read more

    avatar thumb quembukovsky

    star rating  “Into the darkness” - It was very important and interesting experience that I recommend to everyone. Speciale thanks to Mr Piotr who guide us "into the darkness". He was very profesional and kind.

    avatar thumb dorotam2023

    star rating  I recommend the "Into the darkness" exhibition to everyone! It was great experience, which changed my aspect of view how can blind people live their regular life and how can... read more

    avatar thumb totee2017
  • star rating  Intresting thing to expire was touching the different things by hands.
    Special thanks to Mr. Konrad Sokół, it was pleasure to meet You, thank You - very good skills as... read more

    avatar thumb 161witoldm

    star rating  We went as a family of four on the into the darkness tour with Pawel. It was such a powerful experience. Quite simple in its concept but it was... read more

    avatar thumb elainey76

    star rating  An "eye opening" experience! 😀 - Into the Darkness was a great experience. It was real and being guided by Pawel made it even more personal. We also liked the part where we could just talk... read more


    star rating  Best attraction in Krakow - Into the darkness was the best thing I did during my week long stay in Krakow. Pawel is an amazing guide. I highly recommend you visit WOMAI with friends or... read more


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