Children are Afraid of Physics?

21st century education - why are children afraid of physics?

The first association when you hear the word physics? That's right. Fear of just stepping up to the blackboard. A hated subject by students that everyone would like to erase from their memory. Lots of formulas with no connection to reality, fractions, numbers that keep us up at night dreaming. Adults find it hard to understand the intricacies of books, but what is a child to say? Science subjects at school definitely leave a lot to be desired, yet they are fundamental to understanding the world we live in. Must we be condemned to a lack of knowledge?

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Experts conclude that students' aversion to physics is mainly due to a lack of understanding. The accusations levelled at teaching methods seem to be justified: learning is based on learning by heart the rules found in a textbook, which is the main source of information. In addition, teacher burnout does not help. How are they supposed to make students curious, to inspire them to think about the processes that govern the world, if they themselves have lost the passion?

There are a number of science centres in Poland whose main task is to show physics in practice by means of numerous experiments and experiences. The key in reaching the pupil is to tap into his or her imagination and use the extraordinary creativity and childlike curiosity that we lose over time. One such place is the WOMAI Science and Senses Centre in Krakow, where two interactive exhibitions are available: "Into the light" and "Into the darkness".

The aim of the journey through the light side of the science centre is surprisingly simple: we are looking for answers to questions about the amazing phenomena, forces and laws that govern the universe in which we live. We are provided with a scientist guide who explains each phenomenon in detail, while leaving room for play. A phenomenon turns out to be the coloured sand, on which the colours change dynamically, depending on the visitors' imagination. The laser harp will reveal its strings to you, from which you will make a mass of sounds, and from the theremin you will hear ghostly sounds that have inspired horror film makers.

You will encounter scientific illusions and unusual objects at every turn: coloured shadows, drawing on the wall with light or playing on glasses are just some of the attractions. On the other hand, the exhibition "towards darkness" is guided by blind people, and the whole encounter allows you to change your perspective and deepen your empathy.

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Teachers are invited to Open Days where they can enjoy the exhibitions by booking a visit in advance by email. The latest events can be found 

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