Team building for companies


The key to professional success is not only hard work, but also the continuous development of interpersonal relationships. In WOMAI, we provide employees with the opportunity to get to know each other from a different side, explore their passions and unite their goals.

The range of team building events includes two unconventional events: "Into the light" and "Into the darkness".

During the "Into the light" integration, the guide offers guests a journey through physical phenomena, passing on a handful of interesting facts and providing fun. During the guided tour, participants take part in a number of challenges during which, by competing with each other, they strengthen bonds and develop cooperation skills.

At the "Into the darkness" meeting, participants are accompanied by a blind guide who proposes numerous challenges to be completed without the use of sight. For a moment, all the lights go out and guests try to cope in total darkness. An inspiring lecture led by a blind person is also provided as part of the offer.

Both events are aimed at employee integration, building mutual trust and taking a break from everyday life. Participants broaden their perspective while opening up to diversity.

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