WOMAI Kraków

About us

WOMAI is an exceptional place where we do our best to connect two opposite worlds: of the light and of the darkness. Its name comes from the first letters of English sentence: World of my all inspirations.. That is what the goal of creators of this place was – to inspire people to discover amazing phenomena, to educate primarily the youngest and to show how important it is to accept diversity. We present to you our two exhibitions: Into the light and Into the darkness which together will let us perceive the beauty of the world in which we live, the world of the senses.

We work since the end of 2019, in the light part of our centre there are guides that are scientists and if you choose the dark path, you will meet blind people who will guide you.

We make every effort to make sure that everybody feels good in our centre and that they can find something for themselves. Families with children will spend time in creative and educational ways, pupils and students will learn empathy and will broaden their knowledge about the world, in the aspect of science and social skills. Groups of friends will also experience something unusual, having great fun together and employees of different enterprises will have an opportunity to break away with everyday life and to obtain an inspiration to face new challenges.

Come and let us charm you!

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