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The list of the museums for holidays that you will not forget about!

Holidays in Krakow? Here's a list of the most important museums you won't be able to pass by indifferently! Dzień Dobry TVN reporters have checked it out for themselves!

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With the winter holidays fast approaching, it's worth making the most of this time by combining fun with education.

Definite favourites include the Science and Senses Centre and two unusual exhibitions: "Into the darkness" and "Into the light". In the first one, you can see the world from the perspective of a blind person, stepping into total darkness and facing the challenges of everyday life. The second exhibition is an interactive journey through scientific experiments. The guides focus on the question of light: can you draw with it? How do you catch a shadow in place? And actually what colour is a shadow?

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Attractive objects make it possible to understand science, and to be inspired to explore this knowledge sometimes in an unconventional way. As exhibition manager Damian Stachura puts it: "we show science interactively. We show that science, which often seems boring, does not have to be so". There is also an additional attraction planned for the winter holidays - an experimental show with a scientist!

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Other museums that are definitely worth a visit include:

– The Jagiellonian University's Centre for Nature Education - there are 3 main routes and as many as 12 thematic routes concerning, among other things, the history of life on Earth, astronomy, mineralogy or the mechanisms of evolution
– Museum of Technology and Engineering - an unusual journey through time through different eras in terms of urban development and technology, large-format building blocks allow you to better imagine past constructions
– Interactive Flipper Museum - a wonderful collection of flippers and video games from the 20th century.

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