How to familiarise children with the subject of disability?

How to familiarise children with the subject of disability?

How do we do this so as not to frighten the child, but to raise awareness and educate accordingly? By keeping our wards under a lampshade, we run the risk of them becoming unrealistic or, worse, lacking empathy! We are sounding the alarm to nullify this dangerous phenomenon.

The creators of the booklet in the series "Heroes Without Barriers" are also aware of this danger. It tells about the adventures of a blind boy Kuba and his friend Zosia, who learns what blind people do on a daily basis! How is it possible that Kuba is able to cross the street by himself, move around at school, or do other things that are completely simple for him?

On January 22, WOMAI together with the Garda Foundation organised 3 educational meetings in kindergarten and schools in Cracow. The important topic of social equality was raised, regardless of the type of disability when talking to a blind person. Children and teenagers touched tiffographs, learned about the Braille alphabet and tried to recognize various objects without the use of sight. The meetings were full of knowledge and fun!

Would you like to organise a similar meeting at your institution? Contact the Garda Foundation!

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