Holiday in Krakow?

How to spend your holidays in Krakow? Where to go with your children?

WOMAI (World of my all inspirations) is a Science and Senses Centre, a unique place that brings together two opposing worlds: light and darkness, created by blind protagonists and scientists. The emotions and knowledge produced in the exhibitions are authentic and personal. The Centre hosts two independent exhibitions that share the common goal of stimulating the senses and revealing hidden empathy.

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The "Into the light" exhibition was created by scientists who, with their work, want to revolutionise the way we look at science. After all, it doesn't have to be boring! They have developed objects that teach and entertain, activating participants to discover physical phenomena on their own. There is a laser harp, mysterious musical instruments, a room of a million lights or a wall on which we leave our shadows. In the fine sand we initiate a volcanic eruption and with the help of mirror glasses we turn our world on its head.

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The "Into the darkness" exhibition is a different experience. Its phenomenon lies in its guides, who are blind people who want to show participants how they perceive reality. One enters total darkness and hearing becomes the guiding sense. An elaborate soundtrack creates an everyday world, but one that cannot be seen. It has to be recognised with the other senses. We hear the hustle and bustle of people, the clatter of cars that we have to locate in order to cross the street safely. But we are not alone, a blind guide accompanies us on every step of the journey.

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Especially during the holidays, science experiments will also be available, conducted by a scientist in a humorous way. Families with children are invited to the demonstration of experiments!

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WOMAI is a place where the fun never stops and every guest leaves with a huge dose of knowledge and an unparalleled dose of humour. It's a world where your own inspiration sets its own laws, and you start looking at the world like never before.

Holiday in Krakow?
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