Exhibition "Into the Darkness"

During the tour “Into the darkness” all the light will go out and we will be taken to the kingdom of senses.

On the path of absolute darkness, we will try to recognise the world from the perspective of a blind person and to imagine things that are invisible to us but which we can hear, touch or even feel. 

About the exhibition

This unusual experience consists in immersing in darkness with a guide who is a blind or partially blind person.

During one hour, we try to cope with everyday situations, without sight but using the entire spectrum of the other senses.

Will we be able to cross crowded streets, do some shopping or perform household tasks? Our irreplaceable guides will help us with every activity, wanting to show us a bit of their everyday routine.

They will teach us that their word, seemingly totally different from the one that we live in, is decidedly more colourful than we could suspect.

This journey full of surprises will develop our empathy, give us the cause to reflect on what matters and broaden social horizons.

What is the point?

This exhibition aims to make our visitors aware of the social value of people with visual disabilities.

Our great achievement is to provide them a personal, emotional experience and to make them meet real heroes who are undoubtedly experts in their field.

We use “immersion” to produce emotions which in this case means the entrance to complete darkness in order to face different challenges without one of the most important senses.

A sighted person here becomes blind, totally dependent on guides for whom the darkness is their natural environment. This role reversal leads to perspective change and verifies our behaviour concerning social interaction between people who are fully functional and those with disabilities.

Blind people would love to make us closer to their stories that is why they are so eager to share with us their experience. They strongly believe that the authenticity of their talk will let people experience it on their own and will help them to finish with patterns of thoughts and stereotypes.

We guarantee you that this journey will remain hanging in your memory.

Duration: 1 hour

We kindly ask you to arrive 10 minutes before the entrance.

The suggested minimum age for participants is 9 years. In case of younger children, they can also take part in exhibition but for the responsibility and with consent of their guardian.

Entrances only at specific hours which you can find in the section “Buy ticket”.

Author - Gosia Photographer - Womai

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